Tuesday, 10 November 2015

SPRAY IT - Nails Inc launch world first spray on polish

Painting your nails and then watching them dry is like watching, well, piant dry.... 

I normally do mine, three times a week, before bed, and then sleep like a Geisha - with my arms and hands stretched out so they dont get damaged before morning,  It's an art I have perfected over the years, and it works.  I don't have time, or the money for regular salon manicures, but even when I do, I find it incredibly boring, and manage to get at least one scratch on my newly painted nails.

If you're impatient like me, you will love the spray on polish from Nails Inc.  This innovative new product, which is the first of its kind applies polish effeciently and evenly to the nails in seconds.  All you do is apply the base coat, and spray onto fingertips.  Its as easy as that.  The polish then adheres to the basecoat, resulting in the world's fastest mainure! 

Don't forget to wash your hands of course, with water or facewipes.  
It really is that easy.

 Hoxton Square (hot neon pink) and Shoreditch Lane (silver foil) are available 12th November from Nails Inc

BTW... If you haven't already noticed, the campign is fronted by Alexa Chung, so I would definietly reccomend pre ordering because they will sell out super fast.

Review coming soon....

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