Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Blowdry Bar DryBy London Opens...

Despite me wanting wild, sexy, and messy beach hair, sometimes a girl needs to look super glam, polished, and perfect.  The last time I attempted red carpet hair, I burnt my fringe (yes like the YouTube clip) so I vowed to never use a hair tool again.  Now, I leave it to the experts, just like the A listers who spend hundreds for a blow dry.  Fortunately for us mere mortals, we can spend a fraction of this price for a stylist to give us amazing hair.  

I have never felt the need for a blow dry as my hair is pretty low maintainance and always a bit of a mess (which is the look, btw) but I can definitely see the benefit of having your hair done before a meeting, after being rained on, a party, date, or even just as a treat.  Blow dry salons are pretty accessible and cheap, they're an instant beauty fix, and are now becoming as popular as nail salons.

The latest addition to the world of blow drys is Dry By London a contemporary blow dry and nail salon in central London, just behind Topshop.  It's more like a spa than a salon, and definitely a serene and calm haven from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Circus. DryBy London challenges the current service in London, its personalised approach, carefully crafted looks, and environment is definitely less wag, and more swag. 

The salon is minimal, cool, and has a really friendly and relaxed vibe. The vintage interior, exposed brickwork, fireplace, wooden floors, and muted colour scheme, gives it a modern East London vibe. When I went in for my blow dry, I actually felt like I was hanging out at my mates apartment, and got so friendly with my stylist, I lost track of time. The space is huge, like a living room, and each blow dry take place on a large table in the centre of the salon, so it's one big blow dry party!

Of course there's enough space for privacy, you know, for those 'people hating' days... and I can confirm that the basins are at the back of the salon, strategically placed to hide you from your boos, colleagues, and friends, who might walk past.

The blow dry bar

The nail salon

The blow dry bar Itself, offers a capsule collection of five edited classic hairstyles which have been carefully selected and inspired by the women of five iconic style capitals - London, New York, Tokyo, Rome, and Rio.  Nail possibilities on the other hand are endless.  They also work with pioneering beauty brands, who care deeply about their ingredients such as - Philip B, Original and Mineral, and Nailberry

I went for the Rio, only because I'm always 'The London' so wanted to look like I've stepped out of a salon.  I visited on a Saturday, all hot a bothered and was greeted on arrival by two stylists. After a soya latte (yes they offer soya, and almond milk) which is a win for me, I felt much better.  Wine is also available which is great. I had my hair washed and head massaged by the lovely Lisa who was really cool, sweet and friendly. Of course I told her about my weekend plans, but conversation didn't feel forced or contrived. We had fun going through the potential styles.  We also talked a lot about makeup.  Lisa asked me if she could use certain products and any tools before applying which is great because I was nervous about the tong. It was super fast, (but not too fast) and shortly after, I had amazing hair! 

I would definitely recommend DryBy, you can see my hair below, it looks great and lasted all day and all night. 

Prices start from £28

For more information visit DryBy London 

Here's the looks 

Monday, 7 September 2015

The Science of Sleep

Recovery Night Gel Balm

For the past month, I have been using the new Idelia Skin Sleep night cream from Vichy which is so incredible, it has completely changed my skin!

Everyone knows that sleep is essential to healthy skin, but those 8 hour a night goals are so unachievable. Luckily, for busy people like me there is a solution. Idealia Skin Sleep recreates the restorative effects of deep sleep, so once you've applied, it mimics sleep, activating skin cell renewal and regeneration. This essentially means you can go out all night, and as long as you have applied the cream, your skin will continue to repair, or alternatively, wake up super early, and look radiant and fresh.

Idelia Skin Sleep contains Hydrolonic Acid which hydrates and plumps the skin, LHA derived from Salicylic acid, which acts as an exfoliant by smoothing and evening skin tone, and Vitamin B3, strengthened by Apricot kernel oil which acts as an anti inflammatory as well as a barrier against UV and pollution.
I apply mine before going to bed, and then again first thing in the morning before my morning run. The texture is quite thick and creamy, but because its a gel, it doesn't feel too heavy on the skin, and absorbs quickly. It smells super strong due to the green tea and jasmine fragrance, which is supposed to promote deep sleep, but unfortunately for me, it's so intense, it makes my eyes water. I normally use natural products with subtle scents, so this artificial (chemically) smell did initially put me off, however, I persisted, and although it still makes my eyes water, it hasn't reacted badly to my skin, and is actually one of the best night creams I have ever used.  After a couple of days, I noticed my skin feeling dramatically smoother, soft and my skin felt firmer. 

I would highly recommend this product for busy sleep deprived people who need additional help to boost their skin. It really is great, however, I'm not sure if I'm going to buy a new jar once this one has finished, due to the smell which is really overpowering.

Don't let this put you off, it's a brilliant night cream and works wonders on tired skin. 

Available from Boots