Thursday, 29 November 2012


Galaxy Glitter Nail Polish, American Apparel £9

My wonderful and talented friend Miss J Bijoux always looks beautiful and immaculate.  I saw her recently rocking these AMAzing glitter tips!  I of course, had to try them myself.  My instructions were:
  • Base Coat
  • Glitter
  • Top Coat to seal

Done!  How easy is that?! xx

Miss J Bijoux's amazing glitter tip nails!

AA Galaxy Glitter

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Active Moist, Dermalogica £41.00 (100ml)

I am very aware that I have not been updating this blog recently, however, from today onwards, I promise to post weekly...

Active Moist is one of the many products from Dermalogica that I love.  If you get a chance to have a skin mapping consultation at one of their concessions, I would highly reccomend it. Also, the consultants are normally quite generous with free samples which is always a bonus when shopping, because lets face it, they're not cheap, so you would want to definitely try before you buy.

As moisturisers go, Active Moist is pretty basic.  It does what it says on the tin - it is an oil-free, lightweight moisturizer in a sheer, easy-to-apply formula helping to hydrate combination skin.

I promise, after a couple of weeks of using this product, your skin will be transformed! The Silk Amino Acids and a unique combination of plant extracts that help improve skin texture and combat surface dehydration will make your skin appear more radiant and healthy.  It works really well under makeup and can be used day and night.

The only problem with this moisturiser is that it contains no SPF, so it's not anti ageing or a a sunscreen.  You can however, add an SPF to it, or just make sure you use a super strong anti age night cream to compensate for not using it during the day.

Available at Selfridges and Liberty

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Im a little sad today because I have a cold and winter has decided to make an appearance. Before the sun finally sets on our favourite season, I wanted to highlight the product that got me through the (let's admit it, non existent British) summer.  

Nars Body Illuminator £33 in Laguna

I have become so addicted to this limited edition summertime only product, that I'm actually considering buying a few more bottles in case Nars decide to discontinue it.  I use it all over my body (in particular my legs) to give that perfect bronzed 'just got off the beach' look.  The cream smells amazing, spreads evenly onto the skin and dries super fast without streaking or rubbing onto clothing.  It only comes in one colour so you can layer it depending on the intensity you wish to achieve.  

I have decided to go for the bronzed goddess look all year...teamed with the D&G baroque look for AW12.

That's winter sorted...Feeling better already!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


My new hair!

I have been dying my hair since I was 16 and remember buying these awful pots of red hair dye from Birmingham's equivalent of Camden Market in the 90's.  The funny thing is, I have 4 sisters who all dyed their hair the same colour, so when we went out, we looked this a crazy red haired, brown skinned grunge band - believe me, it was awesome! 

I have been going to Bleach since they first opened in Dalston a couple of years ago and was very lucky to have been introduced to who I think is the most amazing hair colourist ever, Alisha Dobson.

I wouldn't recommend having your hair done at Bleach if you're precious about customer service - don't expect a cup of tea on arrival, your hair to be washed with hot water, and pointless conversations about what you're doing on the weekend.  It's more like going to your mates house when you're hungover and want to go a crazy colour because you're still drunk! Their laid back and blasé approach to hairdressing is slightly scary, the stylists look like they are randomly backcombing and twisting bleach into your locks, and then throwing flouro colours into your hair, proving that they really are true masters of their art because the end result is always super amazing.  

I would highly recommend taking a trip down to Topshop Oxford Circus or Dalston for a super cool colour or just the good old bleachenders like me.  

Bleach Prices start from £55

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Sad news for the fashion industry today with the passing of style icon Anna Piaggi.  I remember being mesmerised by her at one of the Fashion Week shows a few years ago, her makeup and hair was immaculate and her trousers were half leopard print, half striped, she looked AMAzing! It was like meeting one of fashions fictional characters you believe only exist in the pages of Vogue, or a character out of Zoolander - all of which do actually exist. With her blue hair and eccentric makeup, she really was a one of the rare breeds in the industry who lived and breathed glamour and individuality.  

R.I.P Anna, we will miss you on the front row.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Sheer Glow, Nars, £29.50

I know there has been a lot of talk about the new YSL Le Teinte Touch Eclat foundation, and I haven't featured it here because I have tried it, but I'm not a fan.  Their lipsticks, eyeshadows and powders are amazing, but this so called revolutionary foundation just didn't do it for me.

Nars Sheer Glow on the other hand really is the foundation of my life.  I used to use St Tropez from the Nars oil free range so when they discontinued it, I went on a crazy online rampage to buy any bottle I could find.  Thank god Nars replaced it with an even better version in two ranges - Sheer Matte and Sheer Glow which are both available in 20 shades.  I use Sheer Glow in Barcelona.  Even though I dont have dry skin, I find that this range gives a more natural look.  It isn't greasy and can be used on oily to combination skin if used with a primer and powder.  It is designed to layer on the skin so that it is never cakey and it contains antioxidents which actually improving its texture and make it appear more radiant.  Mix with moisturiser in the summer when you want minimal yet perfect looking skin that doesn't melt in the heat.

Medium 4 - Medium with golden, peachy undertone

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Moroccanoil Treatment £30.45

Gold, Frankincense and Moroccanoil!

I should call this product of the year because it really is that amazing.  A year ago, the Morrocanoil conditioner was recommended to me by my sister because I really wanted to grow my hair.

After using it for 8-10 weeks, my hair went from a short, messy Alexa Chung bob to Blake Lively's long and lustrous mane.  Even friends on Facebook couldnt believe how long my hair grew in such a short space of time.  Also the condition of my hair had dramatically changed.  I have naturally dark hair with an Ombre Dip Dye so the ends are white blonde.  This product has really helped to retain the colour and condition of my hair without it going brittle, splitting or damaging.

Moroccanoil is made from Argan oil, the nut of the Argan tree which is a plant only found in native South-West Morocco.  This well kept secret among Berber women of Morocco is now known as the 'liquid gold of the beauty industry'.  Its name gives the impression of a prophetic and mystical, Middle Eastern wonder treatment, and even Kim Kardashian has added it to her beauty bag must have!

They have shampoos, conditioners, oils and styling products to suit all hair types, but my favourite has got to be the treatment oil.  It can be used daily as a styling or finishing tool, and its lightweight formula doesn't weigh down the hair which other hair serums can do, making them flat and greasy.  The treatment smells amazing and its formula of antioxidants, proteins, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins transform and repair the hair.

I have lost count of the number of people I have converted to Moroccanoil, it really is amazing and will probably stay as my product of the year for a long time.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012



Probably the most exciting news I have heard this year - Chanel will be opening up a pop up beauty and fragrance boutique in Covent Garden next week!!!!

Located in the iconic Covent Garden Market and running for 6 months, the avant-garde boutique will be home to its new beauty products, this season’s must have nail shade, Frenzy, a greige shade with a shot of hazy lavender, and the Notorious collection, inspired by the label’s autumn/winter 2012-13 show which featured those amazing jewelled eyebrows.

The boutique will also include the very first and exclusive nail bar, consultations with leading Chanel make-up experts, a luxurious space dedicated to facials and pampering, an outdoor area that will recreate the look and atmosphere of being backstage at one of the label's catwalk shows and a surprise closer to Christmas.

If you cant wait that long, take a look at the boutique diary dates with information on activities such as the treasure hunt and educational workshops.
Chanel Frenzy 
A/W12 Notorious collection
Wow, looks like I will have to camp out at the Laduree shop until it opens... see you there!

The Chanel Boutique opens on 24th July.
For further information on events and timetables visit

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Crush with eyelineYSL #Eyeshadow

YSL have taken inspiration from Facebook and launched a new limited edition Devoted To Fans shadow palette, which will be sold through their Facebook page next week. 

It's the first for a beauty brand to collaborate with a social media platform.  YSL says:

"A vibrant declaration of love, a tribute to all fans, the 1st exclusive entirely digital product imagined for those who show addiction to the brand: An eye palette called Devoted to Fans"

Available 19th July

Only 1,650 palettes available, hurry and to the Facebook page here

What's next?  Maybe a Twitter nail polish by Chanel?

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Lady Danger Lipstick, by M.A.C £14.00

I've lost count of how many M.A.C lipsticks I own, they are amazing!  I have used Nars, Chanel and YSL over the years, and loved them all but since converting to M.A.C, I haven't looked back. They're affordable with serious lasting power, come in a variety of colours from every day neutral tones to edgier colours, making that ultimate fashion statement.

This week, I heard a little rumour that my favourite colour Lady Danger was being discontinued. M.A.C have since confirmed that this horrific rumour is FALSE, so out of sheer relief, I had to pay homage to one of the best red lipstick out there.

Lady Danger is an intense red lipstick with an orange/coral undertone.  It's definitely for the more daring and experimental types, so if you prefer a more classic red, this one is not for you. I often get stopped on the street when I wear it and have introduced it to many friends over the years. If you're not used to wearing reds, this vibrant colour is astonishingly bright when you initially try it on, but it does eventually adapt to your skin tone. If you have an olive/asian complexion like me, its more red/orange, however it looks bright red on paler skin and orange on dark skin. It is a little dry, but I guess having such a long lasting and highly pigmented colour with an edgy matt finish, there needs to be some sort of compromise - try Eve Lom Kiss Mix as a base coat before applying.

Available nationwide...Go panic buy one anyway, just for the drama!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Tomorrow, Chanel launch another highly anticipated limited edition collection, Bombay Express, taking inspiration from India to evoke memories of the last days of the Raj.   

Mysterious and Rock 'n' Roll

When Peter Phillips, Chanel's Beauty Creative Director, was appointed to design a collection to interpret the "iconic Indian beauty ideal" for the Chanel pre AW/12 Paris-Bombay show, much to my delight, he reached straight for the kohl.  

Anyone who is aware of Indian beauty trends, knows that there is a strong emphasis on the eyes. Phillips' take on this look was  to create "something between mysterious and rock 'n' roll" where the almond-shaped black rimmed lids were the focal point. 

The look was created by using a new shade of D'Ombre in Nirvana, Chanel's Le Crayon Kohl eyeliner and mascara in Noir for a "pitch black" finish.  Lips were nude and golden highlights were added to the cheeks and eyes using the limited-edition Route des Indes palette. Fingertips were adorned in a golden lacquer called 'Diwali' in homage to the festival of light.

Showcased to a backdrop that would only be fit for a king, the opulent collection of golds, creams and silvers, with the occasional burst of colour were adorned with pearls and crystals - Karl's nod to classic Indian decadence.

Here's the show in case you missed it...

Collection available on 27th June in Selfridges and John Lewis.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


KISS MIX, by Eve Lom £16.00

I think I have this OCD thing where I have to constantly keep my lips and hands moisturised.  Im finding that the constant weather change and wearing lipsticks with a high pigment (M.A.C) tend to dry out the lips, so I thought I would try out the Eve Lom Kiss Mix.  

This is one of those cult beauty products that everyone raves about, and I have to say, even after a couple of days use, I can really see and feel the difference.  

Kiss Mix contains moisturising and healing ingredients (Zinc Oxide and Menthol) to comfort dry, chapped and dehydrated lips.  It can be used all year round as it protects from UV rays in the summer and biting winds in the winter -perfect for our crappy English summer!  The menthol is cooling and refreshing, and as an added bonus, it plumps the lips for that perfect pout.  I would highly recommend this product, the packaging is beautiful and it also seems to be working as a brilliant base under lipstick.

Thursday, 14 June 2012



Karl Lagerfeld has collaborated with the amazing Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura for a one-off holiday collection launching this September.

Crush With Eyeshadow!

Karl has been a big fan of Shu Uemura's makeup for decades, using the vibrant eyeshadow colours for his famous fashion sketches, so it was only a matter of time that the two brands would finally collaborate.  

The merging of two artistic visionaries, who have transformed the image of women in beauty and fashion had been anticipated between the friends for over 20 years.  The collection 'Karl for Shu Uemera' has not been revealed yet but is said to reflect Karl's 'iconic, ironic style'.

Adding this to my Christmas list!

Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura, 2006

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Two of my favourite exports from Sweden are in the fashion news this week.  First of all, H&M have confirmed a collaboration with the cult fashion house Maison Martin Margiela, and secondly, Alexander Skarsgard as the face of Encounter - the new mens fragrance launching in September by Calvin Klein.  Do you think Lara Stone was missing hubby David Walliams during this shoot?

Monday, 11 June 2012


Whilst I get to grips with the whole blogging thing, I thought I would share one product that I love with you each week.  

BROW Zings by Benefit, £22.50

I fill my eyebrows in because I like the look and I have not been blessed with amazingly thick eyebrows.  For years, I religiously used Dior's powder eyebrow pencil, then switched to MAC's self propelling eyebrow pencil because it was cheap and you didn't have to sharpen it. The only problem with screw tops is that you can't tell when they run out.

I came across Benefit's Brow Zing purely by accident. Having a major eyebrow emergency one morning (when the MAC ran out) I reached for this random product in my (given as gifts or bought from a sample sale) makeup bag.  I have never looked back.

The BROW Zings kit comes with a tweezer, mirror, a pigmented gel for shaping, a natural shaded powder for setting, two brushes - one angled to create the arch, and the other for blending.  Its not rocket science really, just takes a little time to get used to, but it's great. The gel holds the hair in place for the perfect arch, whilst the powder fills in the colour, giving a more natural look than pencil.

Ciao for now, Scouse Brow! xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Want hot men at your fingertips?  No, I'm not talking the latest dating website or Twitter stalking your celebrity crush...

Rad Nails (not to be confused with Wah) have this amazing Hot Man-icure where you can mix and match from 20 individually designed hotties.  For $18.00 choose from Robert Pattinson, Zac Effron, Joe Jonas, Ryan Gosling and Pharrell.  Mix and match or just rock your fav!  Who will you be wearing?

Saturday, 9 June 2012




Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed I am with Chanel nail polishes.  I shamelessly queued for hours for Jade, which sold out within 40 minutes.  Now, I have made friends with the girls at the Selfridges counter and always make sure my name is on the waiting list.

This months issue of Vogue features Creative Director Peter Philips, who talks about the his work and the inspiration behind the worlds most anticipated nail colours.

A few of my personal favourites...

I also dug out this video from the SS/2010 particuliere launch...colour never suited me but the film clip is amazing!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Makeup Bag

After many months of procrastination, im posting my first blog post.  About me, I work in fashion and live in London so I’m constantly surrounded by beauty.  This will be a beauty blog, however, I may occasionally delve into subjects that interest and inspire me such as fashion, art, music, architecture and of course people.
Below are my hero products, the items in my makeup bag that I have been using forever and cannot live without.  Yes, I wear them ALL every day, all day.  
Im not really a ‘I can only wear that look if I’m going out’ kinda girl.  I believe that when it comes to expressing your individuality, anything goes, so if you wanna rock black lipstick to work, go for it!


A women who doesn’t wear perfume has no future

Coco Chanel