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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid

Crystals are everywhere, they're all over Instagram and on the catwalk which means that people are becoming aware about their benefits. Certain crystals vibrate to a frequency that can be used in a number of ways such as enhancing mood, open chakras, and healing. Now, skincare brands have started to take the healing properties of crystals and adding them to skincare so that they can work their magic and add that extra boost to a product.

Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid is as magical as it sounds. The finely powdered energetic tourmaline is combined with new non acid plant technology, boosting skins natural ability to shed skin dulling cells. The result is sparkly skin, just like a crystal! Skin glows with renewed vitality, clarity and radiance. 

This serum smells really strange, but if you can stand the smell, continue to use it as you will start to notice the difference after a few days. All you need is 2 pumps of the gel like fluid to use before your moisturiser. You can use day and night, but I prefer it during the day, when I want to glow. It absorbs into skin easily and sits really well under makeup without making skin feel greasy. 

Available from Aveda and House of Fraser

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum

Orange is the new Black. When it comes to skincare, Vitamin C is one of the latest trends hitting the skincare market. We all know that it does wonders for your body and immune system when you're sick, so it has to have the same qualities when applied to your skin, right?

As you may already know, I strive for that luminous glow that comes from within and not makeup. I used to know a model who slathered her face with Vitamin C oil and she had the most amazing skin. It really works, and I think I might have found a product that does the trick. 

The new Sesderma C-Vit Liposomal Serum is made from a pure form of vitamin C (Ethyl Absorbic Acid) the most effective form of Vitamin C to be found in a beauty product, making it far more effective than a regular shop bought beauty product. 

Using nanotechnology and combining it with other multitasking ingredients, this anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory serum reduces pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, repairs damage by UV rays, and stabalises collagen. Also, the lipid bubbles allow a deeper penetration and a gradual release of active ingredients to boost skins luminosity. 

I have been using this on my skin before my moisturiser every morning and it has really changed my skin. At first, I was weary of the brand because I do not know much about it, but I am glad that I have discovered it because its a fantastic product that actually works. The serum itself is super creamy, smells incredibly orangey, and feels great on the skin. It absorbs instantly and doesn't leave a greasy residue so its really easy to apply makeup on top.  I noticed the difference it has on my skin straight away.  I was sunburnt after my holiday and my skin felt dry and dull.  I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it has made a huge difference.


Available from

Monday, 11 July 2016

Great British Bake Off - Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder

Baking with Banana Powder.  Now, I'm not talking cake here, I'm talking about one of the latest make up trends on social media that everyone still seems to be going bananas for. 

If you don't know what baking is, it's a method that has been stolen from the drag community who have been doing it for years.  The way to bake is to apply a thick layer of powder on your face to bake on your face for 10 minutes. When dusted off, the powder has set onto your face leaving a flawless finish that will last all day and all night. 

Talking about queens, Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic uses it on her, just check out her Instagram page, she loves it... and lets face it, if the queen of contouring is baking, its definitely a thing. 

So, without the help of a drag queen or makeup artist, is it possible to bake at home? I went down to the Rodial Skin Lab at Harvery Nichols to find out.

Rodial makeup is just as good as it's skincare, their contouring powder is popular with all of the Kardashian sisters and the Skin Tints are amazing. Like their skincare products, the company are always on the forefront of beauty trends, creating innovative, and cool products that actually work.

I don't do contouring, so this concept of baking was a little scary for me. In the end, it it worked out great and was so easy to use. The new Instaglam Banana Powder is yellow toned, so not yellow. The colour is so versatile, and the  shade will actually suit a whole range of skin tones to compliment the full contouring look. The formula corrects redness and pink undertones, whilst neautralising blue under eye circles. It can be used on your whole face to set your makeup and contour using the baking effect where it acts like a highlighter. It stays on all day minimises fine lines and doesn't look heavy.

All you do is brush it on under the eyes to form a thick layer. You can apply it under the cheekbones, brow bone, and on the chin if you also wish to go for the Kim K look.  Leave it on while you are doing the rest of your makeup and then brush it off.  Blend it i with the rest of your makeup and you're done.  It leaves an amazing flawless finish unlike something you would get from a cream concealer because it doesn't melt or get stuck in fine lines. It's a really natural and subtle way to cover dark circles and imperfections because it leaves a soft smooth and creaseless look that lasts all day.

Available from Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols

Friday, 8 July 2016

Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream

I have finally found an eye cream that works! Yay! My eyes are super sensitive so it has taken me years to find something that doesn't irritate them - it's kind of a breakthrough. 

This pot of gold, or should I say venom, comes from one of my favourite skincare brands Rodial

When the Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream was launched a few years ago and there was quite a lot of buzz around it as all the celebrities were going crazy for it. There is such a thing called a Bee Venom facial which is what inspired these products, however, the Rodial Bee Venom range is more of a play on words, than ingredients. The percentage of Bee Venom is extremely small, the last ingredient on the  label, so I can assure you that no Bees were harmed in the process of making these products. They are completely ethical.

Now that I have hit my mid 30's I have noticed that my eye area is starting to age first. I don't have wrinkles, only a few faint lines, and a little pigmentation which is minor. I actually find this whole ageing process weird, because, you think you're doing all of the right things to look after yourself, but then, suddenly you look in the mirror and think OMG, you've suddenly aged. Its scary. However, I do believe that if you start using preventative skincare early on, you will definitely delay the ageing process.

I have recently been stressed and changed my job so have been getting up super early to get to work. I have been beyond tired and you can see it on my face.  I started using the Rodial Bee Venom Eye and it has made a huge difference to my skin. 

It uses stem cell technology and melittin peptide to smooth your under eye, brighten dark circles and firm the skin. The Bee Venom stimulates blood circulation to plump the skin and works in synergy with plant stem cells, haloxyl and cycloppeptides-5 to even out skin, smooth lines, and improves elasticity.  

If that was too many scientific words, I can tell you the simpler version - it works! 

I know the price of this eye cream is enough to sting you, its expensive, but the pot is the size of a face cream so it will last you well over a year. The consistency is creamy, smells incredible and absorbs easily into the eye area. It does sometimes feel too rich under my eye makeup and does make my mascara smudge, but that could be because its summer. I would use less, a rice grain amount or use it at night.


 Available from Rodial and Harvey Nichols 

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sonic Chic Deluxe Toothbrush

If you're going on holiday, to a festival, or just like to stay out and party, I have found the perfect product for you - The Sonic Chic Urban Toothbrush.

When I discovered these toothbrushes, I was so happy I couldn't believe it. I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day which I find a bit of a chore, especially when I am not home. A portable electric toothbrush which comes in a super cool design (6 designs in Blue Maze, Ziggy, Starlight, Twister, Lovehearts, Tribal Quest) can easily fit into any handbag. It's light, comes with its own battery, and a USB charger fuelling 32,000 brush strokes per minute. It has a vented cap so it can stay hygienic, and the blue strip across the bristles fades as the head needs replacing. It really is an essential for holidays, festivals, and those nights when you think you wont be home until the morning... yes your walk of shame can be less humiliating. 

I have been using this toothbrush for a week now and its amazing. Its light, the sound is discreet and soft so when you are in public, no one will know what you are up to, unless they listen really hard. It's definitely not as powerful as my home Oral B, but for a portable quick clean, its perfect and definitely more effective than a manual one.


Available from Boots, Tesco, Look Fantastic

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

It looks like everyone is still going balmy for beauty balms. I am definitely a convert. I have stopped stripping my skin with strong makeup removers and replaced them with oils and balms which are usually made with natural and organic ingredients. A good beauty balm will easily remove stubborn eye makeup which I always have, so any brand that doesn't, will never make it into my bathroom cabinet.

I have been obsessed with Neal's Yard because I am inspired by their ethical and organic ethos. As I am now trying to take my beauty journey towards a more sustainable route, I wanted to start with a brand that is not only ethical, but luxurious too.

As a Neal's Yard Virgin, I started with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm which is one of their hero products. Too be honest, it was the packaging that got me - the design by illustrator Alice Shields was originally limited edition, but it was loved so much, it is now back by popular demand. I'm so happy about this because its amazing! 

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a potent antioxidant proven to help repair, firm and sooth skin. It contains exceptionally high levels of my favourite ingredient - Rosehip oil, known for its healing, and anti inflammatory qualities, combined with Geranium, Starflower, Hemp, and Rosemary oil - seriously, the ingredients in this stuff is what every hippie's dreams are made of!

This award winning balm helps to nurture, decongest, enrich, and restore radiance. It can be used as a rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant or deeply nourishing balm.

The three ways you can use are -  

1. As a regular balm where you run onto skin, removing makeup and using the hot organic muslin cloth (which comes with the balm) to remove. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. 

2. As an exfoliant. Applying a thin coat of the balm as above, and use the hot muslin cloth to wipe away using gentle circular movements. 

3. The full treatment - Massage into the skin according to the instruction manual, cover with the hot muslin cloth, and leave over night.

The first time I used this mask my skin was in a really bad way. I had just come back from holiday so my face was slightly burnt, dry, and lacked moisture. I was stressed and tired too. I applied the balm, and went straight into routine 3. The balm is hard to touch but melts onto skin really well. It smells amazing and natural so those who are used to highly perfumed beauty products wouldn't like it. The balm has a strong scent of rose but nothing like the rose your grandma wore - this stuff is potent. It feels really nourishing on the skin and it makes the massaging really easy. I didn't really have time to follow the massage instructions on the leaflet so I did what felt good to me. I applied the hot cloth, exfoliated (step 2) rinsed, and then applied a thin layer and went to bed.

When I woke up, my skin was like new. This stuff is unreal! It was glowing, soft, smooth, and its was glowing. I have been using the balm twice a week. I applied the balm only one night, and today, I did step 2 and then left it on while I had a shower. Apologies to Neal's Yard for not following their system, but I guess with all products, you find your own unique way of using them.

Available from Neal's Yard and stores Nationwide.