Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask

December is the month of partying, drinking, late nights, and indulging on bad food. Yes super fun, but this really affects your skin, making you look tired, dull, dehydrated, and also causes premature ageing. I start introducing detox rituals into my beauty regime a month early so my skin doesnt suffer from shock when I go cold turkey.  One product that has really helped me out the last few weeks is Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask which deeply cleanses the skin to reveal an energised, shiny and new glowing replacement.  It draws out impurities, and absorbs excess sebum, to reduce breakouts, clogged pores and toxins.

Kaolin clay which is the base of the mask, is rich in minerals and and trace elements. It also contains Evening Primrose, Rosehip Oil, and native New Zealand Pohutawaka to improve cirulation, soothe, rehydrate, and regernerate, to make skin look radiant and fresh.

I normally use a clay mask twice a week from Kiehls which is great to cleanse skin, but this Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is used in between those days, when I need an extra boost. It goes above and beyond cleansing, making skin glow, and look healthy.  The clay itself is a creamy charcoal which smells so sweet and delicious, its tempting to lick off. You have to apply a thin layer to the skin, and wait 10 minutes before removing with warm water, or a cloth for better results.

This is a really luxurious product which gets better with the length of time its used. The resuts are immediate, but I would start now for lasting results. Shiny, illuminated skin makes festive makeup look so much better, so start sparkling now.

Available from Trilogy, Whole Foods, Debenhams


Monday, 7 December 2015

Paul & Joe Bath and Body Collection

Paul & Joe have lanched a beautiful bath and body collection for the winter.  Add this super cute box to your Christmas list as its the perfect package for some at home therapy over the festive season.  Once your hangover kicks in, and you're after some relaxation, and detoxing, this is the perfect remedy.

The bath and body collection gives you an enticing choice of Body Soap, Bath Salts, and a Body Butter which are all soothing and comforting to the skin. The products contain Columbine (Soothing, fruity and Floral - Citrus, Blackcurrant, Rose, Jasmine, and Amber) and energising Arlequin (Energising and Intense - Citrus, Spice, Ylang Ylang, Musk and Vanilla).  My favourite has to be the Bath Salts, I mean, if anyone was going to make Bath Salts cool again, it would be Paul & Joe. 

The packaging is vintage, luxurious and looks great in the bathroom. I used the shower get and moisturiser today and they both feel really gentle on the skin, yet powerful enough to make it feel soft. The scent is really subtle, powder like, but its strong enough to linger all day. 

These products are rich, self indulgent, and look amazing. If you're not going to buy it for someone special, maybe treat yourself instead. I'm sure you deserve to. 

Available from Paul & Joe, Selfridges, and ASOS


What dreams are made of...


Did you know that tanning brand Fake Bake also do skincare and makeup? I was launched in the summer and now available to buy online. I have been using the Coconut Macaroon Body Scrub for a few months now and it's the only thing getting me through the winter.  The scrub is scented with coconut and blended with natural sugar to make this deliciously sweet paste which glides onto the skin and softens it to perfection.  

It smells like cake, and feels more gentle on the skin than your usual body scrub.  Maybe its the combination of coconut, shea butter and sugar, but once you rub it on the skin, it instantly warms yor entire body...and soul too.  The smell is so intoxicating it transports you into a cacoon of happiness, and to a tropical island where the sun is shining and the air is filled with good vibes. I feel it every time I use it, and it lasts all day.  It really is perfect for those gloomy, cold days, when I need some warmth and comfort in my life. 

I hope it helps you too.  Try, not to eat it, I have been tempted.

Available from Fake Bake Beauty


Friday, 4 December 2015

Barry M - New Nail Care Range

When I think of Barry M, I reminisce of nights out, glitter tips, and super cool colours. They are an amazing brand who always seem to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new nail trends and colours. 

For someone like me, who rarely buys high street makeup, I do own many Barry M nail polishes because they have such a huge selection of colours and the quality is really is great. 

Have you ever tried to remove a glitter tip? It's an absolute nightmare. It takes me at least an hour per nail and I'm sure a bottle of nail polish remover per hand. Okay, slight exaggeration, but stubborn nail colour and embellishments are a b**tch to remove. Barry M are totally guilty of this, and have decided to look after their fans by creating a nail care range. I like to call it rehab for nail polish addicts.

Fear not Nail Junkies, these products are so great, no one will even know your nails are in therapy. There are four products which make your nails healthy in no time, as well as making them look good in the meantime. 


The Super Mani 7-in-1 Treatment is a twice a weekly basecoat and treatment which offers 7 benefits: hydrating and protecting enamel for healthy, nourished nails.  It does the following - 

1. Encourages Growth
2. Strengthens with Keratin
3. Nourihes with Argan Oil
4. Promotes Shine
5. Hydrates with Vitamin E
6. Smooths the nail surface
7. Protects from breaking


The Iron Mani is the ultimate nail hardner.  Its the new Barry M Superhero, here to protect you and save you from the world.  This toughens up your nails and the treatment works to strengthen, smooth, and protect nails from breakage.


The mini masks not only care and condition nails, they camoflauge and colour them in too. Available two subtle colours, Bashful ( light baby pink) and Birthday Suit (creamy nude) which set as a semi matt finish, no one will know your nails are in therapy.  

I had my nails done at the launch and wasn't so convinced by them because I had just taken off my beautiful nail colour and had to walk around with Matt natural nails. Since then, I have convinced myself that I need a detox including my nails and have been using the treatment all week. It's too early to let you know if the treatment works but I will keep you posted. I do absolutely love my nails in the Birthday Suit colour. First I use Super Mani as a base coat which comes on easily, doesn't run and dries quickly. The camouflage conditioning treatment does the same but it's quite thick so drying time takes a little longer. The Matt finishing is a really nice touch and make the colour look more edgy and luxurious than a shiny finish. They look expensive. 

Add these to your New Year detox list! 

Available from Boots and Superdrug on 20th January

Thursday, 3 December 2015

New CHANEL Les Beiges - Healthy Glow Fluid Foundation

Natural, luminous skin is one of the most difficult makeup looks to achieve. Unless you are blessed with supermodel skin or a goddesslike inner glow, you have to create this look through makeup. Basically, fake it... or at least enhance your natural beauty with a little help. Therefore the products according to your skin type and colour, application, and amount of product used can all affect the outcome of your 'natural beauty'. Less is always more, but sometimes your skin does need enough makeup on to make you feel confident and comfortable within your own skin.
I have discovered a new Healthy Glow Fluid foundation by Chanel called Les Beiges which enhances your natural skin, making it look, well, healthy and glowing - exactly what it says on the tin. I've been wearing it for a week now and it's seriously so incredible, it's pretty much perfect skin in a bottle!

The new Les Beiges Foundation follows on from the now iconic Healthy Glow Sheer Powder from Chanel which uses similar technology to enhance skins complexion. Chanel labatories studied the particular characteristics which make the skin glow naturally when creating this foundation as they wanted it to mimic perfect skin. Les Beiges Fluid Foundation contains Titanium Dioxide which absorbs light rays to refelect their white component, and transmit their red component through skin for reflection on the skins surface, resulting in a fresh and slightly rosy halo. This very unique mineral pigment is joined by carefully selected soft focus powders to even out and embellish the complexion with a sheer finish. The complexion is simply enhanced with the most natural and sophisticated radiance that is subtle yet powerful.

What I noticed about my foundation when I tested it out on my sisters was that the same colour adapted to different skin tones. We are all the same tone, however I have one sister who is darker than me, and another who is much fairer. The foundation in 50, looked great on them both as it blended well, but but also enhanced their natural skin tone. Les Beiges comes in 14 different shades which can be customised and developed depending on the amount applied. You only need one pump, but if you do apply two, it doesn't look cakey as it blends into skin as easy as a moisturiser. It also contains SPF25 which protects you from sun damage, as well as acting like an anti age product.

The bottle is a small frosted glass bottle which is compact and light enough to fit into a makeup bag. As I mentioned earlier, you only need one pump for the entire face, so for someone like me who normally is a two pump girl, this is a miracle. A little amount goes a really long way.

The consistency is really thick and creamy, so its quite shocking how quickly it absorbs into the skin leaving a really weightless finish which is sheer, yet has full coverage, like second skin. The fluid itself smells amazing and it glides effortlessley over every curve of the face to enhance it's shape. I feel like the light reflecting qualities almost sculpt the face too, the same way as a highlighter or a strobing effect would. You still need to apply blusher, but I've notice I use less now. The application requires minimal effort as you apply it with your fingers, so there is no need for brushes or sponges.  Its super fast to use, and doesn't require a primer because the finish is matt and skin feels like velvet. It does however, remain dewy and radiant.

Its fascinating how may different and apposing things this foundation is doing all at once. I have never used anything like it and wasn't looking for a new foundation, but I have been converted. Also, if you're a chanel fan like me, it compliments the other products really well too, my eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher all seemed to blend in better and sit on the skin easier, and longer thoughout the day.

I would highly recommend this foundation to everyone.  I have never used anything like it. Its genius - luxurious, practical, anti ageing, has a high coverage, it's sheer with a radiant and natural finish. Did I mention, it lasts all day too, even after the gym. Bring on January!


Available from Chanel 15th January 2016