Thursday, 30 August 2012


Im a little sad today because I have a cold and winter has decided to make an appearance. Before the sun finally sets on our favourite season, I wanted to highlight the product that got me through the (let's admit it, non existent British) summer.  

Nars Body Illuminator £33 in Laguna

I have become so addicted to this limited edition summertime only product, that I'm actually considering buying a few more bottles in case Nars decide to discontinue it.  I use it all over my body (in particular my legs) to give that perfect bronzed 'just got off the beach' look.  The cream smells amazing, spreads evenly onto the skin and dries super fast without streaking or rubbing onto clothing.  It only comes in one colour so you can layer it depending on the intensity you wish to achieve.  

I have decided to go for the bronzed goddess look all year...teamed with the D&G baroque look for AW12.

That's winter sorted...Feeling better already!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


My new hair!

I have been dying my hair since I was 16 and remember buying these awful pots of red hair dye from Birmingham's equivalent of Camden Market in the 90's.  The funny thing is, I have 4 sisters who all dyed their hair the same colour, so when we went out, we looked this a crazy red haired, brown skinned grunge band - believe me, it was awesome! 

I have been going to Bleach since they first opened in Dalston a couple of years ago and was very lucky to have been introduced to who I think is the most amazing hair colourist ever, Alisha Dobson.

I wouldn't recommend having your hair done at Bleach if you're precious about customer service - don't expect a cup of tea on arrival, your hair to be washed with hot water, and pointless conversations about what you're doing on the weekend.  It's more like going to your mates house when you're hungover and want to go a crazy colour because you're still drunk! Their laid back and blasé approach to hairdressing is slightly scary, the stylists look like they are randomly backcombing and twisting bleach into your locks, and then throwing flouro colours into your hair, proving that they really are true masters of their art because the end result is always super amazing.  

I would highly recommend taking a trip down to Topshop Oxford Circus or Dalston for a super cool colour or just the good old bleachenders like me.  

Bleach Prices start from £55

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Sad news for the fashion industry today with the passing of style icon Anna Piaggi.  I remember being mesmerised by her at one of the Fashion Week shows a few years ago, her makeup and hair was immaculate and her trousers were half leopard print, half striped, she looked AMAzing! It was like meeting one of fashions fictional characters you believe only exist in the pages of Vogue, or a character out of Zoolander - all of which do actually exist. With her blue hair and eccentric makeup, she really was a one of the rare breeds in the industry who lived and breathed glamour and individuality.  

R.I.P Anna, we will miss you on the front row.