Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Crush of the week...



I don't normally succumb to clever advertising, but when I looked up the Joico K-PAK family, I read this:

'Think your hair is a lost cause? Meet damaged hair’s hero.' 

'To say that K-PAK shampoo “cleanses your hair,” is like saying a Chanel coat “keeps you warm.” Sure, it gets the grime out… but it also turns your cleansing into the first step of a reconstruction process specifically designed for hair that’s been put through the ringer.'


'We’re on a mission to repair hair that’s been assaulted by the rigors of, well, everything. Could be an obsessive relationship with your flat iron; or a few too many trysts with hot rollers; or going blonde, blonde, and blonder.'

Yes, Yes and Yes.
I was sold.

I am guilty of all of the above, and more. Overzealous hair styling, chemicals, washing every day, twice a year haircuts... the list goes on. I have spoken about hair treatments before, but these Joico K-PAK shampoo and conditioners are great for every day use. They restore the hairs original condition, restoring its cuticle, elasticity and strength without weighing the hair down, and best of all, it gives it a cloak of protection to fend off any future damage.

Available from Joico or salons nationwide. 
For your nearest salon you can call 0845 071 2326
Prices start from £12.75

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